MOMOCHA (C) (D) Steamed chicken ravioli of Newari origin, served with roasted tomato chutney and seasame seed. £3.75
CHHOELA BBQ chicken with Nepalese spices, cooked in mustard oil, ginger and garlic sauce. £4.75
HAANS KO SEKUWA Marinated duck morsels, char grilled with medium spices. £5.75
MACHHA POLEKO (F) Marinated salmon with ginger and garlic, flavoured with mustard sauce and carom seeds. £8.50
CHARA KO ACHAR Warm pickled chicken salad with spring onion, garlic and coriander. £5.75
TRISHULI JHINGA (T) (S) Delicious prawns prepared home style with medium spices & fenugreek dressing. £7.90
LOBSTER PASTRY (C) (S) Spiced lobster wrapped in flaky pastry, served with tamarind chutney. £6.50
CHICKEN CHILLI A speciality of Kathmandu Valley, slightly hot, spiced with ginger, garlic, soya sauce and cumin. £5.75
ACHARI LAMB BBQ lamb in pickled spices, slightly hot. £5.90
SQUID RINGS (Mollusc) Spiced squid with hint of lovage seeds. £5.75